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Who is Athena?

Athena Consulting is a women-owned business based in New England. We offer friendly and accessible service, and believe in an honest approach to web design and development.

Our company directors have a diverse set of skills and bring over 25 years of combined web experience.

Stefanie Otterson

Stefanie holds an M.S. in Internet Strategy Management and has over a decade of professional webhead experience. Her key strengths include creating and editing web content, and analyzing site log data and user feedback to identify marketing, strategy, and usability improvements. In addition to her background in information architecture she is an internationally published multimedia writer with experience writing for various audiences and at all levels. Stefanie's eagle eye also edits and proofreads copy regularly for many businesses, both online and offline.

Stefanie also has extensive experience in media and public relations, creation and distribution of press releases, organization of website usability studies and analysis of resulting data, and online/offline newsletter development, marketing, and distribution.

When she's not at her computer, Stefanie enjoys exploring the Vermont wilderness with her husband and dog, writing and reading about just about any topic, and her weekend shifts as an on-air broadcaster with Vermont Public Radio, where she gets to play with all kinds of fun radio equipment.

Pamela Scanlon

From customer relations, personnel management, bookkeeping, and daily presence at a retail store, Pam has a wealth of experience in managing projects and crises. Pam's programming experience began in 1998 when she taught herself HTML in order to put a web site up for the retail toy and party store she owned. She was amazed when people from all over the world actually bought things. When Pam decided to close her store to go back to school, she chose an Internet degree and now has her M.S. in Internet Strategy Management. She has since immersed herself in technology, and is now experienced in coding HTML, Javascript, PHP, user testing, site architecture, and search engine optimization.

Pam's expertise includes working with server side includes, redesigning pages for better download time and usability, troubleshooting CGI problems, and helping clients understand how to use their web sites. Her expertise in search engine optimization is greatly appreciated by clients with top positions.

Pam is also a whiz at project management and marketing — skills finely developed during her years of operating her own business. She thrives on working within a tight timeframe, and specializes in creative solutions to get the most bang out of the marketing buck.

Recently, Pam has been teaching courses in E-Business and all sorts of Computer Technology courses at both Champlain College and Community College of Vermont.

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