Consultation Questionnaire

In order for us to help you plan your consultation, we ask you to answer the following questions. Your answers here will help us better understand your business, your customers, and what you need from your web site. We will then contact you to discuss which options would be best for you, your business and your budget.

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Do you currently have a website?   Yes No If yes, please enter the URL (web address):    
Do you have one or more domain names registered? Yes No If yes, please enter the domain name(s):    
Will you need a shopping cart on your site? Yes No  
How many pages do you think your site will have?  
Do you have electronic versions of artwork for your site? (This means an electronic version - jpg, tiff, png, gif of your logo etc.) Yes No
What range is your budget for this site? under $500  
After your site is completed, how would you like to maintain it?  
Please enter a brief statement of what you envision for your website.