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NativeEnergy Case Study - ECVT Case Study


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NativeEnergy, a startup business whose mission is to fight climate change by creating demand for new wind and solar powered electric generation, needed a website that established the company as a legitimate contender in the new renewables market, educated potential customers on the complex issues of greenhouse gas, electricity emissions, and new renewables, and provided a means for customers to purchase certificates. There was no existing brand or identity.


NativeEnergy Home Page designed by Athena Consulting Burlington VermontThe first order of business was to create a logo that incorporated the basic elements of the clip art logo the client had been using. During logo development, clear palette preferences emerged which helped guide the site design. The client wanted a colorful site that felt contemporary and state-of-the-art without utilizing any real bells or whistles, and one that built confidence and conveyed the company's integrity. Our solution included:

  • NativeEnergy Content PageIncorporating bright colors and minimizing straight lines to create a modern feel.
  • Working with the NativeEnergy team to write and polish site copy.
  • Utilizing metatags, page titles and other means to optimize the site's placement with search engines and directories.
  • Creating plans for website marketing, maintenance, and long-term evolution.
  • Developing a Yahoo! Store backend, as the client was unable to manage sales in-house. This provides a fully branded and affordable short-term solution; a long-term migration plan to bring sales in-house was also developed for the client.


The site has successfully become NativeEnergy's primary marketing and sales vehicle; all offline marketing materials drive people to the site. The website has facilitated hundreds of online sales in its first few months, and helped attract and secure several major affinity partners including the Timberland Company, Stonyfield Farm, and Clean Air-Cool Planet.

NativeEnergy is rapidly becoming a familiar name in the environmental and energy markets, thanks largely to the content and credibility provided on and by its website.

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