Athena Resources


Resources that may be of value in planning. Let me know if you want to add stuff to this.

Web Resources

SBA Online Women's Business Center.
The site could use our work, but there is a lot of info specifically related to women in business. There is a section for local Women's Business Centers. These might be an opportunity to network?
Excellent resources, especially the "Starting a Business" section. I've listened to some of the real audio files. Interesting.


Plans, Templates Etc

Fasttrac Program books and templates. Each chapter of the book is a PDF file. They are dated 1998, but are still being used in the program today. I took the class in 2000, and they worked pretty well.

Book entitled Entepreneur's Planning Workbook. These chapters have a lot of question and answer stuff to fill out to help formulate the business plan. All of these are small PDF files.

Table of Contents


Sections of a Business Plan

Management and Organization

Product/Service Plan

Marketing Plan

Operating and Control Systems

Growth Plan

Financial Plan

Building your business - appendix

Forms, templates etc. from same book

Competitive analysis chart (word doc) - pretty basic SWOT thing. Printable, easy to use ; good starting point I think

Interactive Work plan - Excel worksheets, word template etc for making a business plan. If the worksheets are used properly, this will create various documents when it is done (like cash flow statement, three year budget and more)
and files needed for this

Ft2v15 word doc
Ft2v15 excel template
Fba98 excel

Critique of Business Plan - This is the form that the SBA person uses as a guide to critique a business plan. I thought it was interesting as it could help identify parts of a plan we might not think of.