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Keep Your Home Comfortable, Warm and Energy-Efficient

An ECVT truck parked in front of a member's home in winter.Every gallon of fuel oil or kerosene that we burn to warm our homes produces about 22 lbs. of carbon dioxide - the primary greenhouse gas. The best way to reduce these emissions is to use less energy. If everyone in the United States chose energy-efficient products for their homes, offices, factories and stores over the next ten years, our national energy bill would be reduced by about $200 billion. In addition to the economic benefits, everyone - both ourselves and future generations - would benefit from cleaner air and a more stable climate. The cleanest energy source is the energy we don't use.

We recommend these resources for useful, accurate and easy to understand information on making your home more energy efficient:

The Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings will help you find energy-saving household products and show you how to use them most effectively.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program labels energy-efficient products and homes that can save you up to 30% per year on your energy bills.

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